Designed for the manufacture of ZOG TM Steel Frame and Trusses, this purpose built facility has power feeds under the floor to the roll forming machines. It has a stud height which future proofs it for the possible installation of a gantry crane at a later date should one be required.

The interior exposed structural steel is painted to Altex Paints Protective Coatings Specification using a 2 coat Carboguard 690 system painted over steel prepared to class 2 ½ (SSPC SP10)and abrasive blast to AS 1624.4. We then measure the paint thickness on the steel to confirm that the requirements of the designed protective coatings specification have been met with and exceeded.

To do this we take 3 readings to get the average reading, so 750 readings to get the 250. The mean average was 172.2 microns.

We do this on all our jobs as part of our quality system /control methods to ensure that performance criteria and quality expectations are met at all times. We are committed to ongoing self improvement and delivering a quality build that sets us apart from the rest .

This building is the first structure to use the new ZX-15 Powder coated Aluminium Cladding System (Over Cavity). The ZX 15 Cladding system also has the added benefit of an insulated backing, mechanical fixings and does not rely solely on silcone like many other ‘cassette’ Aluminium Panel systems.