Why Design & Build?

Because CanForm design and build our projects with our own full-time staff we are able to give a client the advantage of knowing just how much a project will cost and ensure the quality of the project. This process avoids the cost of proceeding with working drawings and going to tender, only to find out that the project is too expensive and doesn’t meet budget requirements.

As part of our service, CanForm can handle the whole project. This means the designer, builder and engineers are working together. We all know each other, and more importantly we all talk to each other.  No one person we work with is more important than the other, each of us  knows we have to build a project together, so early collective communication means cost effective building techniques and related materials  use can be explored at an early stage.

It is this ethos that makes CanForm successful. Your whole build is taken care of by CanForm Structures Ltd. If you have a question about your project, be it about architectural design, draughting, structural, geotechnical or fire engineering, energy efficiency or even traffic design we will take care of it and will have the answer for you.


LOCAL  AUTHORITIES  – removing the hassle

CanForm acts as your agent and takes the responsibility of gaining all resource consents building consents and code of compliance certificates; we prepare all of the documentation required by the local authorities.

Cantabrians have enough on their plate right now and will do for many years to come, that’s why our model has been designed with Christchurch and Christchurch people in mind.

For an affordable, defect free result every time.