This purpose built building is the most complex and detailed build our company has undertaken to date.The two storey building features a cafe and restaurant with a large commercial kitchen which comprises freezers, chillers, hygiene surfaces and state of the art temperature controlled environments and food preparation areas.

The first floor comprises of staff service facilities and office areas with the main feature of this area being the commercial bakery.

Both floors are serviced by a goods lift with a 1600 kg payload.

The nature and location of the site meant a complex and very precise structural and civil engineering specification.

The structure itself features a complex piling system with both compression and tension plies used to support and hold down the ground beams, stairwell and lift shaft with a steel superstructure internally.

CanForm Structures Ltd cast all the precast elements on site some with architectural relief details.

First floor exterior cladding comprises of fire linings over 150mm framing then a cavity system clad with titan board and finally a superficial horizontal cedar cladding to provide a crisp and pleasing architectural finish.

The hydraulic component of this build features grease traps,condensate lines and a rainwater catchment to irrigate the premises landscaped and green areas.

Another feature not commonly seen in commercial buildings is the polished concrete and  coloured glass floor. The glass was imported from Australia and had to be broken and scattered over the area evenly at the time of pouring the ground floor slab early in the project.

In order to achieve a clean and even pattern CanForm Structures Ltd weighed the glass and broke the slab into grids.

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