About us

CanForm Structures Ltd is a commercial construction company based in Christchurch that is privately owned and operated. We pride ourselves in punching above our weight when it comes to delivering quality projects. From the company’s inception in 2010 we have built commercial buildings including factories, mass food productions spaces, high end retail, office and warehouse developments.

In all of these projects:

  • We have resourced all concrete, precast and carpentry packages ourselves (no subcontractors)
  • We have taken a head contractors role in all but one of them.
  • We have project managed all of these buildings ourselves.
  • We have  a dedicated project/site manager on all jobs, along with experienced and dedicated foreman backed up by lead hands and quality loyal tradesmen.
  • We have used the same sub trade contractors consistently on our builds. We have good relationships with our subcontractors, they want to work with us. 

Unlike larger companies we only take on work we can resource with our own staff. This ethos we believe helps us control and deliver successful  projects with the following points driving our team.

  • Projects started and finished on time.
  • Expected project build cost met not overrun.
  • Project built with no one getting harmed along the way.
  • Quality assurance carried out from day one

For an affordable, defect free result every time.